Linda Wojcik BFP
Nutritional Kinesiologist & Spiritual Intuitive
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Personal sessions available in Danielson and N. Stonington CT and via telephone or Skype - $30.00 US per 1/2 hour session. 

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Let’s imagine that life is a puzzle and each day we are being asked to find the puzzle pieces we have lost along the way. Would you know where to begin searching for yours? What if the physical body holds the clues to where our pieces are hidden? 

For 30 years, Linda Wojcik has been studying the puzzle to healing.  Her latest endeavor ...

~ The Chakras  ~

Connecting the Pieces of the Healing Puzzle

... is designed to help us understand the language of the physical and emotional bodies by identifying individual chakra personality types. 

Linda takes this complex subject matter and unravels its mystery.  She will show you that the light at the end of the tunnel is you.  Be prepared to turn your light back on!  

Level I: Identifying Your Personal Chakra  

  1. The Pieces of Pie - connecting our emotions to our gifts
  2. The Magnetic Field - opportunities to heal throughout life
  3. The Chakra Personalities - Recognizing the vibrational being in you

Level II:  The Channel from Divine Wisdom to Physical Creation

  1. Recognizing physical symptoms as emotional energy 
  2. Healing with vibrational medicines
  3. Remembering the way to peace

Linda Wojcik is a Nutritional Kinesiologist and Spiritual Intuitive specializing in vibrational healing with the use of the Bach flower essences.  She has 30 years experience in alternative healing modalities and teaches her clients how to heal themselves. She is the author of two books:

Joshua’s Lessons - Raising a Healthy Child in a Toxic World

A Taste of Sunflowers - The Natural Way to Healing Cookbook

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What participants are saying about this class:

"I learned much in your class on Saturday and will rewrite my notes so I can read them.  Also, the amount of info I gained from meeting with you on Sunday was great.  I am drawn to healings that holistically encompass the individual. Thank you, Linda.



"Thank you for coming to Jaffrey last week-end.  I'm excited in exploring the potentials of deeper healing!  Jan"

"I learned more in this one class than any other class I have taken previously.  Thanks so much for offering this class. Kathy"